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AssessmentWorld provides quality psychometric, non-psychometric, 360, survey and Job-analysis solutions to discerning corporate clients.

AssessmentWorld also does end-user training, Statistical analyses, research projects, and general consulting services in the field of human development and assessment.

We have rolled out the solutions on various platforms and portals. If you know which portal you have been assigned to you can simply click on the relevant link and log in. If you need more information please either visit our info center, one of the information websites, or you can simply contact us for assisstance.


Assessments can be done directly on the web by the testees. Alternatively paper and pencil results can be captured. All modules can be rolled out via any connected smart device.

Separate Servers

AssessmentWorld runs on many different servers. This allows for added security, as well as ensuring optimal system performance even for clients with enormous data requirements.

Deep integration

The AssessmentWorld technology can be embedded within other websites, portals or assessment systems. The level and complexity of the integration is dependent on the technology partner's requirements and skills. Contact us if this is something you are interested in.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements

You decide how and when we get involved in your projects.

We have registered Psychologists and Psychometrists that can assist at any stage or to any extent in any of your recruitment and human capital measurement projects.

Of course, our systems are user friendly and intuitive enough that you can also use them completely independently.


We have deployed the AssessmentWorld solution on different servers throughout the world. Below are the details of some of these.

This is the default server - and contains all functionality. It is where you should register yourself as a new user unelss you have specifically been instructed that you have been assigned to a different server.

All modules can be rolled out via any connected smart device. We have consequently terminated the special Mobi version of the site.

Special Portals

These are special servers setup for assessments within certain domains or for specific projects using our technology.

This is a server setup to accommodate educational assessments within higher educational settings in South Africa.

Note: You should only login here if you have specifically been directed to the coza site. The default AssessmentWorld site is the site (see the link above)

This is a Server setup to accomodate South African clients with high speed and volume requirements. We will typically assign a client to this server when their usage exceeds certain levels.

Public testing

For people interested in once-off assessments of a particular instrument, this is the site to visit. It is open to anyone, and the payment is simple and works per assessment.

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