JPAMI - Job Performance Areas Matching Index

The JPAMI firstly measures the personality factors expected for a particular job, and then measures a person's personality on the Big Five rationale as it pertains to job related behaviours. This is done by utilising a consensus 360 degree rater input system, resulting in a description of the job personality factors as well as an incumbent's job behaviour related personality on a continuum of the Big Five factors and their opposite poles. The highly visually informative report then graphically overlays the expected job personality, with that of the candidate, among others, rendering it exceptionally powerful for recruitment and employee/talent development/tracking purposes.

Other instruments

The JPAMI instrument suite has been expanded to include 360 degree assessments in areas such as Leadership, EQ, Management Competencies, Communication, and others.


The AssessmentWorld, JPAMI platform enables practitioners to utilise a fully cloud based solution, inclusive of administrating, auto scoring, report generation, and secure data storage. Ratings can also be completed by participants on any smart device, increasing the capability to efficiently include dispersed employees, yet auto gather the data via the AssessmentWorld cloud based system. Visit Infocenter for detailed descriptions of the various JPAMI instruments.